At AK Safety Management we provide a wide range of Health and Safety services. We work with our Clients in a variety of industries to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for management of Occupational Health and Safety.
Whether it is preparation of a safety statement and risk assessmenttraininghealth and safety audit or implementation of Health and Safety Management System or you decide to outsource all of your Health and Safety requirements to us – we guarantee a friendly, cost-effective and efficient service.
Every Organisation should have efficient and affordable Health and Safety Management System and we will work together to achieve this. Safety statements Safety Consultants Manual Handle Training Safety Statements
We are experienced Health and Safety Consultants and Health and Safety Trainers. Contact AK Safety Management today for Health and Safety Statement quote, Workplace Safety Inspection, Health and Safety Training, etc. Whether it is preparation of Health and Safety Statement, Workplace Safety Inspection, Manual Handling Training or you are looking for experienced and reasonably priced Health and Safety Consultants – we can help.

Manual Handling

If you need to train your staff in manual handling, AK Safety Management can offer bespoke training which fully meets the specific needs of your business.  Our manual handling course covers a wide range of topics which are necessary in order to comply with the 2007 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations.  It will also mean that your employees are fully certified for any manual lifting, putting down or carrying of loads.

Manual Handling Training

AK Safety Management can offer bespoke manual handling training, which will reflect the specific requirements of your company.  Our experts can train up to 12 personnel per session on a variety of areas of manual handling training – all of which are essential in ensuring that you are fully compliant with the 2007 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations.  Our manual handling training covers all topics that are important to your employees’ health and safety, ranging from the structure of the spine right through to a practical exercise.  This course will ensure that your employees will have the correct knowledge to enable them to carry loads which may strain them without injuring themselves.

Safety Consultants

As safety consultants, AK Safety Management can offer a variety of safety consultancy services which can be tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation. Unlike many other safety consultants, we offer an extensive range of services including writing and reviewing safety statements, risk assessments and on and off-site training.  Our experience safety consultants will ensure that your employees, and your workplace, are up to scratch in terms of health and safety.

Safety Statement

If you require a safety statement for your company, AK Safety Management is happy to help.  We will provide you with a fully compliant safety statement or review your current one, in accordance with our writing and reviewing services.  Not only will this safety statement help to protect your employees in the workplace, it can also lead to financial benefits such as lowering your insurance costs. 

Safety Statements

AK Safety Management can provide safety statements which are fully compliant with the 2005 Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act.  Our safety statements are priced extremely competitively, and are beneficial to all sorts of companies in a wide spectrum of industries.  Make health and safety your priority with a little help from AK Safety Management. 

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